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of america saw the document but did not show us they did any analysis to make up for merrill commissions. on the contrary, the evidence we have suggests that bank of america pulled a number out of thin air. far from being consistent with the actual experience of october or what they knew about the third quarter, the guess, wistfully assumed that the markets for collateralized debt obligation and credit default swaps would be significantly better in november and december. it was assumed that merrill lynch would almost break even for november. then the attorneys at bank of america went to work. they did not question the financial information they were given. . e financial information they were given. they begin with the assumption additional shareholder disclosure was necessary and they discussed what kind of exposure they would make but after studying the question for a week they decided the news was not sufficiently out of line from past performance than previous disclosures to warrant further shareholder disclosure. the sunmaid icuf council bank of america did not make any further discl
but this country. this is a big alaska bald eagle. it's larger than the bald eagles that might live in america. >> larry: the bird of america? >> exactly. a lot of eagles are shot thinking they may be a buzzard or something but they're an immature bald eagle. if that were a wild bird, larry, those talons would go through her skin, break her bones and in a second. the pressure on the arm is beyond anything you can imagine. >> i work out. >> look at that peek there. it's used for tearing. >> when he does that, what is he doing, is he refreshing herself? >> she's just getting comfortable on my arm. she's stretching out her wings like we stretch our arms. >> larry: i got to get one more. >> thank you. >> larry: and now we have a red-crested turacao. >> look at the colors on the screen. look at this head. i think it dates back to australia, that prehistorici ii birds. >> larry: the next guest can outjump kobe bryant, now if only a basketball, who knows? that's in 60 seconds. stay with us. make that paperwork go away... ...making the process faster and easier to manage - not to mention you're saving
continent of america? a species of owls. except for antarctica. >> larry: don't tell me an owl. >> an owl, exactly. let me show you something, larry. people ask, why does he turn his head that way. the eyes are so big. i was going to say if i see pretty girl, you can take your eyes without moving your head, right. the owl, he cannot do that. with his eye socket, he cannot turn his eyes. isn't that amazing? the ears are not up here like the little tufts are. the ears are faced like this, like a cup. so this owl -- neither one of them -- they like insects. this owl, that likes the insects, too. this owl, if he's out for a mouse or rat in this room, he can hunt in that location without seeing it. that's why they call it the wise old owl because of its senses. its brain, larry, is very small. how much do you think an owl weighs? >> larry: 35 pounds. >> you hear that? i'm not laughing at you. >> larry: yes, you are. what does it weigh? >> only two pounds. it's all feathers and hollow bones. can you imagine this? >> larry: my goodness. >> look at this, larry, it just disappears inside. >> larry
. these are not attainable cuts without eventually rationing health care in america and rationing health care for our senior citizens who have earned these benefits and we have guaranteed them these benefits. and for the life of me how the aarp can support this 2,000-page legislation is beyond my imagination. seniors all over america and all over the state of arizona, including the 330,000 senior citizens in my state that are under the medicare advantage program, which is going to be drastically cut by som some $120 billion, are outraged. and the more they find out about it, the more angry they've become. so here we are, as my colleague from the great state of iowa and a leader on health care just articulated, in a totally partisan measure before the united states senate in which no member on this side of the aisle has been consulted in any way -- i would point out to my colleagues historically there has never been a major reform implemented by the congress of the united states unless it's by a -- unless it's bipartisan in nature and i don't believe that the american people want this 2,000-and-some-page mon
are going to vote on a bill which to me the people of america don't like. and you know who doesn't like it the most? seniors. you know why? they're concerned. they know medicare is being -- is going broke, and by the year 017, there will be $500 billion of cuts in medicare. and yet, the money that's being cut from medicare isn't being used to save medicare. it's to start a whole new program that's going to cause americans who have insurance to pay more. it's going to cause people that don't have any insurance to make it harder to get, or if they go to an emergency room, have to pay more, that bill is going to be higher. all because of what i believe is an irresponsible piece of legislation that is going to be a huge weight on our american economy at a time when you have 10.2% unemployment. but i see the senator from nevada has -- he has a similar copy of the bills next to him and he may want to chime in on what he is seeing in his home state and what he is hearing from people who live in nevada and the small businesses as well as the hospitals and providers. mr. ensign: if the senator w
bring about a new energy frontier for the united states of america and that we would be partners with the rest of our agencies in bringing about a solution for the realities of climate change in which we face. in the last nine months, our team has worked closely with members of the white house and with congress as we move forward with that agenda. you will hear much more about this. i see our department as being the energy suppliers for the united states of america. we produce about 30% of the natural gas in the united states. we produced about 40% of the coal that we use here in america. . . ls which this department has had responsibility for overseeing its production from the public lands we also have opened up a new chapter for america in the department of interior. and that's our efforts to send up renewable energy and really to engage in the energy revolution that we see spreading across the united states of america. and so the efforts you'll hear about today are about how we are capturing the wind from the high plains and from the deserts in arizona and we are capturing the
that we were going to make our products, our strings in america. we are still committed to that. we have never sold one string we didn't make here in new york. >> they have one of u.s. manufactu manufactures that have adopted the lean theory. they plan to do so or have implemented it. critics say the automation eliminates jobs. he says the replaced workers can be cross trained to do other jobs. >> we do not want to play people off because lean has been effective. that is not going to help people embracing lean or help our company or our community. what we are trying to do is take those people and train them to do something else. >> reporter: like work in the guitar strap division, part of a company he acquired several years ago. those jobs were previously in china. today, long island. economists say other companies can position themselves to bring jobs home. >> lean manufacturing makes it possible to create products in the united states efficiently, cost effectively and so forth. some manufacturing should be done in china. too much manufacturing is being done in china that could be done
the affordable health care for america act. the bill would more accurately be entitled, the big spending, big taxing, big entitlement, pelosi plan for big government takeover of america's health care act. despite house majority leader steny hoyer claiming that during their press conference that the health care bill was part of an open and transparent process to reform our health care system, the american people were oddly prohibited from even attending the liberal democrat's pub less -- publicity rally on the steps of the capitol. mr. speaker, this really isn't surprising considering the democrats habit of frozing -- freezing republicans out of the process. mr. speaker, the new pelosi plan looks and sounds starkly similar to the democrat's first attempts at a big government takeover of health care, h.r. 3200. that is because essentially it is the same big government socialist nonsense speaker pelosi introduced months ago. the same plan that caused nearly millions -- cause literally millions of american to speak out against it through letters, petitions, protests and by showing up to register
for debate. how many people in america know that the reason we are here is because the republicans don't even want to bring the bill to the floor for debate and amendment. while, that's their right under the rules of the senate is their right. they can filibuster, deily, obstruct. they can say no. but just as surely as that is their right it is our responsibility as democrats to move this bill forward. i would remind my colleagues on the other side of the ogle that last year voters overwhelmingly voted for barack obama to lead changes, to make changes, and one of the changes he campaigned so hard for most changes in the health care system. and just as surely voters elected democrats to majorities, big majorities in the house and senate to do the same thing so it's our responsibility to lead. and that's what we are doing now by bringing this bill to the floor. we are taking another giant step toward fulfilling the mandate, the mandate the people of this country gave to president obama and the democratic party last november to undertake a comprehensive reform of america's health care system. an
beginning on "good morning america" and continuing on "world news." >>> and still ahead -- on this broadcast, facing the steps of the accused ft. hood shooter. the new evidence that it was premeditated. >>> the world's biggest pulling up stakes after homes were bulldo bulldozed. >>> and a block party with 370 billion pieces. lego has something to celebrate. we've learned a lot. , we've learned that meatloaf and jenga can be more fun... than reservations and box seats. that who's around your tv is more important than how big it is. that cars aren't for showing how far we've come, but for taking us where we want to go. we've learned that the best things in life don't cost much. and at allstate, they don't cost much to protect. so protect them. put them... in good hands. ♪ that's when i'd had it with heartburn. it was supposed to be the night i would hook mr. right. i mean look at him - he is really bringing it. and look at me - i'm blank. i got nothing. that's when i had it with frequent heartburn. that's when i got prevacid®24hr... and husband number two! (announcer) the #1 presc
at a handful of elections that have sent shock waves across america. is this a sharper cut delivered to the white house or something else? new jersey, virginia, two states won easily by the president last year, now in the hands of the gop. they now say that they are fed up with the economy, taxes, and government spending. his last night a sign of things to come? how could impact the president's agenda? in particular his signature issue of health care reform. karl rove is here with clear and simple facts. he is a fox news contributor, former deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush. your overall take? >> and nothing in politics moves in a straight line, but if i were a democrat this morning i would be nervous. there is a huge swing away from the democrats and toward republicans. not only in new jersey and virginia, but also in pennsylvania. one year ago president obama won the state in a landslide. looking at it, think about the concept of swinging. votes moved away from the democrats last night and into the republican column. in virginia, 12 points. new jersey, 12 points. pe
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with an 18-year-old muslim convert who experts say made hating america a hobby. he describes himself as an extremist on his myspace page and apparently watched al qaeda videos online. hasan has been charged with 13 counts of murder. congressman carter introduced a bill to give the victims combatant status, increasing benefits for the families of those who died. the father whose 13-year-old boy accused michael jackson of molest being him in the 1990's has apparently committed suicide. this is a photo of chandler at age 18 with jackson in 1993. police say 65-year-old evan chandler was found dead in his jersey city home with a gunshot wound to the head. it happened earlier this month but the information was only just released to the public. chandler and his son filed a civil suit against jackson in 1993, but jackson paid the family a reported $20 million to settle the case out of court. a mother charged in connection with the kidnapping of her young daughter who was found dead is apparently pregnant again. antwoineette davis is being held in isolation at a north carolina jail. the body
p panoply of the u.s. law. now they're going to be given a forum to make america seem bad again. criticize and mock america. it's extremely unseemly. >> it may turn out to be an opportunity for some people to get some of the justice they've been looking for for a long time. and they show that the civilian court system can succeed in certain case where is the evidence is clear, it's overwhelming, and you don't need to use all of this secret evidence or evidence that's been obtained through the torture program of the bush administration. >> families of 9/11 victims as you can imagine have some powerful feelings about holding this trial in new york. susan candiotti reports, some people say it hits too close to home. >> reporter: eight years of waiting is eight years too long for jim riches. he wants the alleged 9/11 conspirators tried in new york. the attack killed his son, a fellow firefighter. >> i want to get this moving, justice delay suicide justice denied. >> reporter: a handful of civilians got a close-up look attica lead sheik mohammed and others in a guantanamo courtroom l
. this is an opportunity. >> with the busiest airport in the world and the tallest building in north america, i do not think that we should make chicagoland the center of jihady attention. gretchen: experts say relocation costs will easily top $200 million. new evidence that the house health care bill may be a bad prescription. a report just out says it will cost americans an extra $289 billion and could result in a reduction of services. in addition, the so-called doctor fix which proposes cuts in medicare payments to doctors, could wind up costing seniors extra. >> good morning, atlantis. a very special good morning to you, butch. gretchen: the space shuttle atlantis is on its way to the international space station. the six astronauts onboard will inspect the thermal shielding to look for any damage from liftoff. atlantis blasting off yesterday on an 11-day mission to deliver spare parts. this the second to the last mission for the 24-year-old atlantis which is scheduled to retire in about a year. and the word of the year, apparently is unfriend. that's according to the folks at the new oxford a
. >> reporter: bank of america is launching what it calls a credit card clarity campaign. so beginning tomorrow, it's going send out one page summaries to 40 million of its customers and the letter is going to have the following, it's going to include interest rates to pay for what you buy for balance transfers, cash advances, it's also going to have payment information on how to keep your account in good standing. it's going to spell out all of the fees you're likely to pay, annual transaction and late fees. now, all of this coming after a lot of confusion and outrage with card companies hitting consumers are with those exorbitant late fees. they're making all of these changes before the new legal reforms are going to take effect that are going to restrict their ability to make these changes. so you know, they've cut their credit limits, raised interest rates and their fees. some of them are trying to make consumer-friendly changes ahead of the new reform laws that take effect in february. tony that includes bank of america, trying to be more friendly, i think. >> well, yeah. so allison, are t
safe. call it an osha deal, call it anything you want. but they go from being our youth in america to our employees. and we have, i believe, as americans, an obligation to make this a safer sport. >> i appreciate that. the last comment, mr. chairman, as i mentioned, you're not the only person, grant you, i have 7.5 and four kids and i think it's the parents role at the very early age to take care of the safety of their children. i certainly don't think the federal government has a role in intervene in that. but congress may have a role in making sure that there may be some funds for research and development. but getting involved in the every day operation of an nfl football team, congress is not qualified to do that. maybe we should do -- stick to what we know best. with that, thank you, mr. chairman. i'll yield back the remaining portion of my time. >> we discuss things. [laughter] >> debate. >> the chair is pleased now to recognize attorney -- or former subcommittee chair linda sanchez of california. >> is this on? yeah. thank you, mr. chairman. i want to start by making a commen
thousands of jobs in congressional districts that do not exist in america. or puerto rico. i'm bill hemmer, welcome here to america's newsroom. nice to have you back with us today, ali. alisyn: thanks so much, bill. i'm alisyn camerota in for megyn kelly. how bad is this mess? let's look at it. in the state of arizona, for example the web site is reporting jobs in the 9th, 11th, 18th, 25th, 29th, i have got more 36th, 3rd, 57th and 7 th congressional districts. there is one problem. take a look at this be pro. arizona only has eight districts. so there could not have been any jobs saved in the 12 other districts they list. bill: you gave a good shot at it, didn't you? alisyn: um-huh. steve. bill: what is going on here, stu. >> tip of the iceberg. absolutely tip of the iceberg. you think this is restricted to arizona? wrong. take a look at this map, please. the government is claiming jobs created in nine oklahoma congressional districts. problem, there is only five. jobs in eight districts of iowa. big problem, there is only five. jobs in eight districts in connecticut. again,
in america today? it is all about jobs. have you seen any good news? patti ann: the convicted d.c. sniper john allen muhammad is scheduled for execution tonight. >> we will always have the loss of our brother and the scars of what we have had to deal with. at this point, it's time to pay the debt to society, not just for dean's death, but for many other deaths and injuries that he caused. hhm@ú@@!p can your body wash nourish this deeply? the moisturizer in other body washes sits on top of skin. only new dove has nutriummoisture... which can nourish deep down. new dove body wash with nutriummoisture. superior natural nourishment for your skin. it doesn't cover everything. and what it doesn't cover can cost you some money. that's why you should consider... an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan... insured by united healthcare insurance company. it can help cover some of what medicare doesn't... so you could save up to thousands of dollars... in out-of-pocket expenses. call now for this free information kit... and medicare guide. if you're turning 65 or you're already on medicare
tells "good morning america" she believes the drug saved his life. her child is autistic. a doctor prescribed the treatment, one small browny every few days. she says she has to do something because her son was losing weight and behavior increasingly self-destructive. listen. >> he was extremely aggressive. he would run out of our home. >> he was a danger? >> yes. a danger to himself and others. >> and how soon after you gave him this did it change? >> with hours. with hours he had requested food that we had never seen him eat before. his demeanor had changed. he was calm. >> i know, but listen -- listen to the other side. all right jt a child psychologist tells abc marijuana can trigger mental disorrers in children saying there is no evidence that has any positive effect on autism. >>> if you have a facebook account, listen up. why 0 woman 7 vacation pictures on facebook may have caused her to lose her insurance benefits. >>> listen to this. a canadian woman's facebook page may have caused her to lose some insurance benefits. she was getting sick leave payments for depression. she
, the president and congress are moving forward... with reform that includes the best ideas. backed by america's physicians. nurse leaders and nurse practitioners. america's hospitals. prohibiting cuts to medicare benefits. protecting your choice of health care professional. covering preventive care, and closing the prescription gap, to reduce out-of-pocket costs. ♪ well, say you're looking for it in new places, like working with a supplier in china and a manufacturer in germany to reach new customers in the u.s. well, ups can help bring it all together with efficient solutions like paperless invoice that can help make customs a breeze. hey, the opportunities are out there. seize them with ups. you know, it's hard drawing those perfect circles. >>> joan brooks. her son christopher is dying right in front of her. husband joe is doing cpr. >> then they say, well, do you have any heart beat? do you have any breath? i'm listening. no, i don't. just screaming where are these people? it was taking -- 8 1/2 minutes is a lifetime. >> i don't know if he can imagine how a second and a second is an hou
, opening up new opportunities for u.s. workers here in the united states of america which is exactly what is being said to president obama as he meets in korea at this moment with their leadership. with president lee and others. so i think that we need to have our attention in this congress focused on the priorities -- the priorities the american people have. fire fighting is very, very important. but again this measure will pass if not unanimously narrowly unanimously and it will do so and i hope get the resources to ensure that we never have the loss of life like those of captain hall and others. but i know from having spoken to their families, mr. speaker, that they believe that the absolutely essential for us to encourage private sector job creation and economic growth and that's why i'm talking about this priority that needs to be addressed here. now, mr. speaker, i'm going to urge my colleagues to defeat the previous question as we move ahead. why? because the issue of reading legislation is another very, very important one that is before us. there is a bipartisan proposal launched
years. and your dreams make the difference. the race for the future starts now. join it. because america's here to win. american free enterprise. it's you. so dream big. >>> good morning, america, on this monday, november 9th. hurricane ida driving toward the gulf coast and florida. emergency is declared. sam champion reporting live as the coast braces for ida's arrival. >>> al qaeda at ft. hood? did the suspected ft. hood gunman try to reach al qaeda and were american officials warned? brian ross investigates. >>> a mother's search for her young daughter's killer. we have an exclusive interview with somer's mom. >>> and what's in your food? our startling investigation. where does the beef and burger come from? what can it mean for health? >>> and sports, this soccer player's unnecessary roughness caught on tape. what should be her penalty? >>> and good morning to all of you. welcome to another week. diane sawyer with robin roberts. wouldn't you know three weeks left in the official hurricane season and the gulf coast looking at the first atlantic hurricane likely to crash onshore. >> ta
be the most symbolic weed-choked lot in america. it used to be michael christophero's middle class neighborhood until the city of new london used eminent domain laws and bulldozers to force his parents and dozens of other families out to make way for a private development. the city argued a five-star hotel, condos and an office park would lure jobs. according to internal documents and new london's former mayor it was also a plan to please pfizer which had been lured to this hard luck town with huge tax breaks and big promises. >> they had essentially had the plans all laid out. >> reporter: while most took cash settlements to leave, seven families fought it all the way to the supreme court, and lost. >> i hope they're looking back at this today and realize their decision was wrong. because this is a well-formulated plan right here. empty fields. >> reporter: the recession killed the development. and in a cost-cutting move, pfizer is now abandoning this site. and while many here say the government and the company deserve equal blame, pfizer claims it had no stake in the outcome of t
. moments ago, new unemployment numbers into "america's newsroom." the labor department reports first-time jobless claims came in last week at 502,000. the good news is the lowest level on claims since january. the bad news, if you are one of those people, that's not a good sign. good morning, everybody. i am bill hemmer. good morning to you. juliet: thank you very much for having me back. the national unemployment rate is 10.2%. when you add in the folks who have quit filene or quit looking, real unemployment stands at 17.5% 31 out of every six american workers is unemployed. it is the highest since the greatestgreat depression. bill: i do not mean to sound like a broken record, but it is back to the same issue again and again. >> i think most americans believe a recovery happens when they feel secure. i have to say that i am more confused by this crazy economy than i have been in the 25 years i have been in this business. look at what has happened with the stock market over the past six months and in the past few weeks. it's been an incredible bull market expansion. you start to see
in addressing the needs of mainstream america. just yesterday the ffib release add statement opposing the bill, the national federation of independent businesses saying that enactment of it would make health care for small businesses more expensive than what they can afford today. a disaster for small business is how nfib describes it. now, that's coming from a group that supported the senate finance legislation and has been a constructive voice throughout the debate, so that ought to grab our attention. furthermore, in the finance committee, i insisted that c.b.o. provide an affordability analysis of what a silver plan would like like, for example. and i used that analysis to do my own modeling on all of the plans. it helped me to assess premium affordability and render an informed evaluation about the approach overall. for the measurable force now, the c.b.o. has yet to address the question of a affordability. so how do we go inured this legislation considering when we don't even understand some of the most fundamental aspects of this legislation? none of us can tell with adequate specificit
care for america's veterans, our service men and women and their families. the speaker pro tempore: the speaker of the house is recognized. the speaker: thank you very much, mr. speaker. i thank the gentleman for his kind remarks and i accept them on behalf of the entire house because we have worked in a tireless way on behalf of our men and women in uniform and our veterans. i specifically want to salute to congressman edwards -- chairman edwards' outstanding leadership in that regard and his position as chair of the military construction, quality of life subcommittee of appropriations. mr. speaker, words fail when a tragedy of this magnitude comes in such an unexpected way. someone who had the confidence of the military within his own walls would perpetrate such a tragedy on people whose lives are dedicated to protecting the american people. it was an unspeakable tragedy, of course, to the families, soldiers, civilians and support staff on the base at fort hood, but it was also a wound to our country. our brave men and women in uniform train day in and day out to preserve our sec
, and that is enough to scare them. and, in fact, all of america is concerned about this. a recent gla "usa today gallup"l shows that 61% of seniors disagree with cutting medicare reform. despite that they have moved ahead to pay for the new health insurance programs. they're suchly not listening to what americans have to say about -- simply not listening to what americans have to say about this. if democratic leaders have their way, hundreds of billions of dollars will be slashed from hospitals that treat seniors, from the medicare advantage program, from the nursing home care, home health care, hospice care. medicare faces a severe challenge, including a whopping $38 trillion in unfunded liabilities and insolvency by the year 2017. that's almost incomprehensible. in just a few short years years, $38 trillion in unfunded liabilities and insolvency. obviously seniors want us to fix that problem rather than raiding medicare to pay for a new health care program. and they want to preserve medicare advantage. i receive letters from worried seniors every day about the plan to cut medicare advantage, w
's the challenge that they have. >> let's get one in from over here. >> patrick grayson, from q.p.w. america is bearing an enormous burden in the region and can you give us a frank appraisal of the contribution, the role, the performance of your allies in the region? >> yeah. first of all, i very much subscribe to i think it was winston churchill's comment that the only thing worse than allies is having no allies. and we really don't want to go it alone. we need the power of as many coalition partners as we can. and in fact, sometimes you -- you take some limitations because of that. people think that afghanistan is the first place where forces have caveats on them. not so at all. there have always been limitations. and the employment of various national forces. when i was in bosnia as the chief of operations for the effort there, i had a matrix on my desk. and had down the left side it was the country's. and then across the top, it was different tasks and functions and missions. and who would do them? some in their own area, some in their parent division area, and then the rest throughout t
a person could have, stand in the well of the house of representatives of the united states of america and address this august body. it's a privilege i shall always remember and always remember this particular moment. allow me a moment, if i might, of personal privilege, to introduce my wife of almost 44 years, patty. she's delighted to return to her old stomping grounds as deputy director of the foreign agriculture service in the department of agriculture. we have with us our six children. they are in the gallery. and i think all of you may have seen six of our nine grandchildren. a couple that are testing the h 1. n 1. -- h1n1 vaccine back home in california. madam speaker, if i might just tell what you a great privilege it is for me to be here. i look forward to working with all of you on the floor that are here and that are not here today. we have many, many issues that i would look forward to addressing. i want to congratulate my opponent in the primary, david harmer, ran a very solid and fortunately for me unsuccessful race, but nonetheless a very solid race and a very good perso
america owes to its top ked tore. major garrett reports from beijing on the delicate give and take relationship between the economic superpowers. >> in china's great hall of the people, an artful economic dance between china's number one trading partner and america's number one debt holder. president tao whose central banks own at least $800 billion in u.s. treasuries spoke refusively about economic cooperation and and scolded president obama about tariffs on tires and steel. there is an investigation on u.s. auto parts, a bargaining chip, a potential lifeline to automakers, might be in jeopardy. >> i told president obama there are vitiations our country needs to impose and reject. protectionism needs a stronger stance. >> mr. obama gave no ground on protectionism and accused china of keeping their currency low and exports cheap and one reason china has pulled oust of out of the global economic recession more andly than the u.s. >> i was please to note the chinese commitment made in past statements to move towards a more market oriented exchange rate over time. >> in the face of ir
is a regularly scheduled election. it's a position at odds with most of latin america and one that jeopardizes president obama's efforts to strengthen ties in the region. steve harrigan is streaming live in the honduras capital tonight, hi there, steve. >> julie, the votes are being counted now in a most unusual election, two frontrunners largely overshadowed by a third man who claims to be president. he's been ousted five months ago by the military at gun point, flown out of the country and snuck back in three months later and sips then holed up inside brazil's embassy here where he remains defiant. there was expected to be violence on the street today from his supporters instead largely calm and fairly heavy turnout no matter who wins the election the controversy in honduras to continue, panama, the u.s., costa rica say. and some say it's a sham, legitimizing a coup d'etat. the remains defiant holed up inside the embassy not coming out under charges of treason for 50 days with his wife and a few followers. angry at the u.s. who he blames for not restoring him to power and the front runner in
the past two years. last year alone we invested more than any other public company in america. and at at&t we support a national plan that makes high speed internet available to every american family in the next five years - because we know that now is not the time to stall momentum or to stifle innovation or investment. the future is at stake, and at at&t, the future has always been and at at&t, the future has always been our business. at&t... your world... delivered. ( children giggling ) sometimes, if you wish hard enough, you get exactly what you want for christmas. welcome to christmas town -- a busch gardens celebration. tickets available now at >>> with black friday behind us, cyber monday is here. 100million people expected to hit the online sales today. that's about 4 million more internet shoppers than last year, according to the ceo of wal-mart says the traffic tends to get heavier the closer to christmas. we'll get the inside scoop on the deals out there? jcpenny has published it's last paper catalog. the internet has taken over and now the catalog
. >> reporter: or when you call the bank. >> welcome to bank of america. for service in english, press 1. >> i try and remember that they want somebody who's personal, who doesn't sound like a computer. >> reporter: the best way to do that, she says, simply smile. >> okay, train status. let's get started. >> reporter: see the difference? she gave me a quick lesson. >> hi, i'm jeremy, amtrak's automated agent. >> okay, that was kind of flat. you want to be like, hi! i'm jeremy! like you want to talk to me! >> hi, i'm jeremy, amtrak's automated agent! >> a little too much. >> reporter: guess we can't all be pros. >> it's all about smiling, i didn't know that. >> you're pretty good, though, i like your voice. >> thank you, wow. a rare compliment from vinita nair. >> it's monday, i'm tired. >> clearly they're savvy to this, voice mail systems. you can call and leave a message. if you don't like it you can redo it. like they'll say, are you happy with your message? >> i have to say i do actively try and sound like i have a higher voice. like i'm more attractive, more spunky. >> more happy. >>> when
in to the president. several questions seemed scripted. this one on america's military support of taiwan, a thorn in u.s.-china relations, received applause. >> we'd like to know your position on this question. thank you. >> thank you. >> reporter: in a lighter moment, a student asked the president for advice on how to win a nobel peace prize. >> i don't know if there is a curriculum or course of study that leads you to win the nobel peace prize. >> all right, chuck todd, looks like we've lost our signal from shanghai. hopefully we'll have more reporting from him later this morning. >>> moving on this other news this morning, with the u.s. now calling on pakistan to do more to rein in extremists, today a car bombing close to peshawar and the afghan border killed at least four people and wounded more than 30 others. >>> there is big news this morning from general motors cnbc's erin burnett is at the new york stock exchange with more. erin, gm is now saying it will begin paying back its government bailout money. soon. >> this is a big story here. the company reporting a quarterly loss this morning but t
hope everybody in america who has a toyota or a lexus made between 2004 a2010 h checked to see if you're vehicle is one of the ones affected by one of the oddest recalls of all time. 4 million vehicles approximately recalled because the driver floor mat could cause you to be in an accident and possibly even cause a fatal wreck. it's weird, isn't it? and the remedy, so simple. you pull out the floor mat on the driver's side and you let your carpet get dirty in the car. but most recalls aren't so simple as that. the shocker, though, that is most of the time even when there's a recall involving serious safety stuff, people don't respond, don't take their cars or trucks to the dealer. i want you to take care of it especially if it's steering, break, something like that. there's a website you can learn what's go on with your car,, check it out. i'm clark howard, check me out at >> for more ways to save more, spend less, avoid getting ripped off, don't miss the "clark howard show" noon eastern here on hln. >>> it was a dirty job, but a 33-year-old mystery
to do. how dare he come to america and violate our laws, run her over and let her suffer like she suffered and then she dies? they should do to him what he did to her. >> thank you for your call. we're sorry for your loss. it must be a difficult day 16 years later, as well. let's bring back to jose miguel who talked to the victim's brother. was there any sympathy for his sister in the conversation you had with him, jose. >> he actually did express sympathy after seeing her in that hospital bed. he said for a while he was very upset with his sister because of the way she was treating the family and, for him, it just kind of all hit him all at once whence he saw his sister laying in that hospital bed unconscious. that's when his heart, he said, was breaking pretty much. >> and was it the -- her leaving the marriage and coming here and living with a boyfriend in arizona, is that what sent the father over the edge, did you get that from the brother? >> that was the impression i was getting. i was trying to get to the point with the brother as to what could have possibly led this dad t
. to shape a better tomorrow, at&t is investing in america's future - working to create an internet that's smart, mobile and safe. last year at&t invested more than any other company in the u.s. and we're continuing to invest this year, to expand and enhance our wireless and wired networks. we support a national plan that ensures high speed internet access and enables adoption by all americans, over t next five years. adoption by all americans, over t next five years. the future is our business. at&t. your world delivered. >>> charges have now finally been filed against the colorado parents who claim the 6-year- old son floated away from their home in a large helium balloon last month. brian bolter has the details. >> as you know, police say the family made the whole thing up to gain national attention hoping to land a reality show deal. richard heene turned himself in to police today. he is charged with attempting to influence a public servant, which is a felony. his lawyersays heene will plead guilty and face up to 980 days under daughter deal with prosecutors. mayumi is charged with f
america. arizona. arizona state university student christian andersen just bought her own business in a nearby village. when her boss decided to sell, she made an offer. >> i thought i would be out of the job. no one is giving out jobs right now. and i told her, you're going to laugh at me, but i think i am going to buy it. >> anderson makes monthly payments, getting financial help from her folks. she says that the business is doing well. colorado. police are looking for help identifying this guy, who has spoken into a county school six times. they have released the surveillance video, showing a man smoking a cigarette and doing some major damage. he is breaking into the principal's office, stealing laptops, and destroying vending machines. authorities say he cost the school more than $10,000. washington. one of seattle's light rail trains jumping tracks. it happened on an elevated platform not far from the train yard. nobody was on board, and the operator is said to be all right. pennsylvania. the point marion bridge in the western part of the state is demolished. state transporta
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deals. i'm shannon bream. america's news headquarters live from the nation's capitol starts now. this is a fox news alert. iranian government approved a plan to build ten new uranium enrichment plants. iranian state tv report they'll be the same size as the plant you will see in satellite photo we'll show you. we have much more. what can you tell us about breaking news? >> fox news spoke with the e.u. foreign policy chief. he has interfaced the most in the negotiations. there is no quote official reaction from the reactions. but they will see as one of defiance against the west. there is a reaction to friday meeting of the iaea was expected because the language out of the meeting is tough on iran. the iaea passed a resolution demanding they mothball the hidden facility in koln and calling on iran to respect previous security council resolutions. instead, iran and the cabinet meeting today announced that it has decided to build ten enrichment plantses that will turn out 250 to 300 tons of enriched uranium a year. ten facilities to enrich uranium may seem like putting the cart bef
the house prove differently. the affordable health care for america act is a piece of legislation that will provide security and stability for americans who have insurance, affordable options for those who do not, and bring down costs while strengthening the financial health of medicare. it is legislation that is fully paid for and will reduce the long-term federal deficit. given the heated and often misleading rhetoric surrounding this legislation i know this was a courageous vote for many members of congress. i am grateful to them and to the rest of their colleagues for taking us this far. more importantly, so are many millions of americans whose lives will change when we achieve insurance reform. host: the president was on capitol hill prior to the passage. how active a role has he taken on the senate side, or his close advisers liked rahm emanuel guest: emanuel has been more in the forefront in will go to the hill. he knows a lot of the names and faces. my sense is that the president did not realize, as many from both parties did not, how big a fight this would be. earlier in
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"football night in america!" that's right. it's the eagles flying into the bears. a bear versus an eagle! usually a bear would win, but sometimes the eagles got sharp claws. could be messy. either way, it's a big one. soldier field, cloudy, cool, temperatures in the upper 40s on sunday night "football night in america"! meredith. >>> up next -- thank you, al -- the electric car of the future today. we'll take you for a ride right after this. >>> we are back now, almost 7:44. the race is on to build the first mass-market electric car, and this morning we've got a glimpse of what gm hopes will become your car of the future. here's cnbc's phil lebeau. >> reporter: it looks like just another car, but slide behind the wheel of chevy bolt with chief engineer andrew herrera, and you'll see why this extended range electric car is unlike anything else on the road. >> not only has it got the efficiency and things that they want, but it's also fun to drive. >> reporter: with zero emissions when running on electric power, the volt is a green drive, so it's only natural the instrument panel lets you
leaders, but what changed america on civil rights was a change of mind and heart on the part of millions of people at the grass-roots level. this is now the largest, fastest-growing movement in history. but the challenge is so great it needs to grow even faster. i have an organization called the alliance for climate protection. there's a web site, if i may mention it, and lots and lots of people are joining that organization. we work in collaboration with other groups, pushing toward the same objective and trying to get this legislation and this treaty. >> rose: our mutual friend, i assume, e.o. wilson... >> yes. >> rose: has written a book in which he makes... he's trying to find, you know, a... he's trying to find common cause with the religious community. >> yes. >> rose: and especially fundamental christian community. >> yes. >> rose: how is that going and are you part of that? >> yes, yes, i am. and, by the way, the christian coalition has just joined this movement. because they believe-- as the bible teaches-- the earth is the lord's and the fullness thereof. we
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